The Tesia Story

In the infancy of Tesia's relationship with Renaissance, Tesia started to see a boom in the near the number of claims that were processed. In fact, it climbed from 25 million claims per year in 2012 to 67.5 million in 2018. 

Renaissance is one of the few claims software developers who has its own clearinghouse, Tesia. Think of a clearinghouse like Venmo or PayPal — a link between two parties who need to exchange data and money. The relationship between Tesia and Renaissance is symbiotic, allowing each to work more efficiently by ushering claims from dental offices to insurance companies.

One of the unique things about Tesia is its long history with real-time claims. Tesia currently processes over 17 million real-time claims per year. The technological advancements are extremely valuable considering the 74 percent EDI rate in the dental industry nationwide. While Tesia itself went through choppy waters early on, the tech behind it lay the groundwork for success. Tesia began processing real-time claims in 1991, which despite the industry relationships was a strong foundation that continues to this day.

Tesia has the backbone of one of the industry leaders in EDI, with employees serving as board members and chairs of nationally leading dental organizations. Eric Kirnbauer, Tesia’s Senior Account Manager and EDI expert, is often consulted in the field for his wealth of knowledge.

“Something that sets Tesia apart is how early we were working with EDI and real-time claims,” says Kirnbauer. “It positioned us as a leader in the industry, and helped us nurture our relationships with payers.”

That leadership was top of mind when Tesia rebranded. The new logo mark was based on a warbler, which is what the word "Tesia" means. Warblers are migratory and a visual representation of how Tesia works with the dental industry — leading a migration to EDI. However, that progression relies on key players such as Renaissance and the numerous payers that Tesia regards as partners.

Lori Young’s, a Senior Account Executive with Tesia, saw a radical change in the clearinghouse when she joined the Tesia team. In 2012 Tesia came under the Renaissance umbrella, taking on the role of the clearinghouse for claims processed through Remote Lite. Tesia began merging tech with a human connection the way one would nurture any relationship -- through open communication and honesty.

“When payers contact the Tesia team they know that they will get an immediate response,” says Young. “If we don’t know the answer to their question, we will work to find it and let them know the development every step of the way.”

The hard work of Tesia has paid off. Today, Tesia is connected with every major payer. However, it’s not just the connections with payers that sets Tesia apart. Over 90 percent of claims come through Remote Lite, Renaissance’s claims processing software for dental providers. Positioned between payer and provider, Tesia and Renaissance bridge that gap and continue to advance the dental industry.